Thursday, May 29, 2008

For The Love

So girls, I just have to share my most embarassing moment of the new move so far. Keep in mind that even before Jesus I just wasn't a big drinker and if I ever did, it sure wasn't a beer. My uncle is coming to the Ranch tonight and after 5 p.m., he drinks beer like water so he can't be without.So, we wanted to get some in the fridge so he would have something to drink when he got here. So I ask Joe if I will have to go to Madisonville to get Corona Light (his water of choice) and he says no I saw an ad in the Normangee paper yesterday advertising the Beer Barn and its open from 10 am to 9 pm. Okay, here we go...

So I drive into town and come upon the Beer Barn which is actually a converted barn that has big coolers in it. There is also a carport thing on the side of the barn that looks like it would be for a "drive thru." So I drive through and roll my window down and ask, "Am I doing this right?" She looks at me very strangely and says I'm okay. Then I proceed to ask, "Do you come to my window or do I need to get out?" She informs me that I need to get out. I wonder what the purpose of drive thru is if you have to get out of your car. Strange. I ask for a case because I don't know the lingo. She brings me two 12, that's a lot of beer. Then, she asks for my driver's license and studies it very carefully. Then she asks if I have ANOTHER FORM OF ID!?! Wow! I am coming upon 28 for goodness sakes. I offer my debit card with my picture and she studies them both very intently. She tells me to have a good day but I am sure the word around town will be that the new girl can throw 'em back! Next to our land here, there is Sand Prairie Baptist Church and I wouldn't be surprised if they hold a prayer vigil for their new neighbors.


Jen Sprayberry said...

That's awesome!

Michawn said...

girl, you stinkin' crack me up ALL the dang time. love this story. and yes...i'm sure the locals are thinking they need to schedule a little visitation to the boozin-it-up new couple in town. hilarious.

speaking of that, do you have a good church there? maybe you've posted about that already, but i don't remember.