Sunday, September 19, 2010

C.S. Ink

Back when Joe and I looked a little more like this and we were naive newly engaged ones, we talked about wanting to get a ring tattoo on our wedding finger. (This pic is August 2005)

Little did I know, he meant business. We have talked about it on and off since we have been married. Then, these cute things- Megan and Brock- were watching our kids and we came back from our date talking about our tat plans! Oh my! Here is their story.

If it weren't for Brock, Meg would have a full sleeve! So she jumped on the idea and had Brock on board before the night was over.

Let me just say that you would have thought I was going to give up my first child with how much I prayed over this thing. I am NOT a tattoo girl and had several reservations. My love for my man and our commitment to one another trumped my concerns.

Here we are at the "Poking You" in College Station. YIKES! I was nervous. I prayed over that place and if had never been sanctified to the Lord, it is now.

I got to ask my tattoo artist (Oh, I so sound hard core, right?) how I could pray for him and he responded that "he would live a long life." Joe and I got to share with him what God's word says having a long life.

Here are some of the precious people who wanted to watch me scream like a little girl.

Okay, no really, it didn't hurt at all! It felt like someone was scraping my finger.

It has faded a lot. Its like a light grey color and the longer I have it the more I really like it. Now when I am doing something and don't want to wear my ring, then I don't feel naked. It is Hebrew for "one flesh."

If you're wondering if I have plans for #2...the answer is NO!

Here's to ending my 20s by crossing some things off my bucket list!


Meme said...

so awesome! Lucas cant wear his ring to work, ever, becuase of safety issues so we have talked about doing this! Oh how you have inspired me :-).They look great!!

Nicole said...

You are surely a cool mom now!! ;)

Michawn said...

hahaha...that's awesome, melissa. my brother-in-law has reasons at work too.

yes, you are way cool now! :) nice to know it doesn't hurt too bad. i've been thinking about getting something again. used to want the Christian fish thing on my lower belly. this was before marriage and kids and i knew i wanted lots of kids and figured the fish would end up looking like a whale instead, so i decided against it in the end. but, i'm thinking about the possibility of getting something now.

loved your story. love you.

the rodriguez crew said...

Oh my gosh!! The one and only time I went into a tattoo shop I chickened out and left with nothing! You go Mel Mel!

You get prettier every time I see your picture!!

Megan said...

See, you really are such a cool mom! And an amazing friend!

Love you!!

melissa h. said...

oh my gosh mel.... never in a million years would i think YOU would get a tattoo!! awesome!

Jen said...

I love how you were able to connect with the tat artist. God's always using you- so cool. Love the ink!