Monday, June 29, 2009

Signs of Summer

A little mischief.

Who needs a pony when I've got Madi?

Riding the Barbie car with all my girl cousins.

Going down the slide with Aunt Christina :)

Dad taking me down and when we were walking up the second time, I was so happy I gave him a big kiss! :)

Watermelon face :-)

A little sass.

Wanting to do what dad does.

Grandpa showing me the ropes with the ducks.

The ducks make me really happy :)

Great-grandma gives me some dancing lessons!

Now that's what summer is about :)


Michawn said...

he is just SO-O-O beautiful!

The Durham's said...

Oh, friend! I can't get over how incredibly cute he is! I mean, those eyes.....melt my heart! Love this.

Lauren Hafernick said...

whew, that little man sure is handsome!!!

Lynnell said...

He is so BEAUTIFUL and growing so fast!! I got to read some back postings and I so understand about your feeling about losing a baby and I too don't like that "M" word.
But God has such a bigger plan for us even when we have no clue!!
I can't wait to see you and give you major hugs!! And you are always such a beautiful MOM.
I love this site thank you for sharing it with me and others!!
I am so happy you guys have made the best of living in Normangee!!
I so know how hard that can be!! lol
This will be a highlight of my day to look on this blog and see you and your great family!
Love ya and miss you so much!

Anonymous said...

Adorable new photos...yay for summer!!!

Nicole said...

Love the pics! My two favs are the watermelon face and shaving!!! He is a cuuutie!