Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Laura: Queen of good surprises and fun gifts!

Let me back up and give you a little history here.

Summer 1999. I was trying out for Rangerettes and when it came to Sunday I didn't know of any good churches in the area. I had Bible study in my dorm room and invited anyone who was interested. In came Tandra, she asked for prayer for God's will for her life. It has been a God-given friendship ever since.

We have waged many a battles against the enemy together, laughed, plucked, waxed, dreamed and believed God for one another. Not only have we lived together, but we have SHARED a room and a bed three times. If it wasn't for her, Joe and I would have never met. We got married a month apart and had babies close together as well. Just one of those friendships that only God could orchestrate.

FAST FORWARD x 3 (you know how it does that on DVR). Three weeks ago, Laura and I talked about her coming to visit. I was really excited.

FAST FORWARD x 1. Last Thursday, Isaac and I headed to Kindermusik and then Laura was coming at one o'clock. When she pulls up, I see someone else in the car. I thought she brought Davan (her friend from work). I thought, "oh fun!" THEN OUT COMES TANDRA!!! I am freaking out! Wait a second, where is her baby!?! IN THE BACK SEAT! We have not just one visitor but THREE! yahoo!

Oh, how I love surprises! I love the kind that you have no idea about (no even a iota of an idea that it is coming) THEN BAM! Tandra and I haven't spent consecutive days with one another since we got married. Oh glory, I was so excited!

Here is Tandra freaked out about the horses :)

This is Laura's dog, Bailey.

Sweet Rachel checking out the horses with Lomama!

Trying to be cool like my A -LO!

He loves music and loved his first official piano lesson!

Me with the cute little nuggets!

Us rolling in "THE BEAST!" Yes, we ventured to College Station with both kiddos for a day on the town :)

Stephen, thank you for sacrificing your time with your girls so I could be blessed with TWO WHOLE DAYS!! What a treat!
I love you girls and thank you for blessing me more than you know...


Jen Sprayberry said...

Awww...that's awesome! What a cool surprise.

Oh, by the way, will you seriously eat a few hamburgers? You are so thin! :)

The Durham's said...

How fun, friend!! Now, just add one more baby and you would officially have a Durham Trip! HA! So happy for your surprise visit:) Love you!!

Laura Jo said...

Amen to the hamburgers comment... Seriously.