Friday, February 13, 2009

From Culture to Colt

Little "I" says," So much fun, I don't know what to do!"

We are the novice, naive parents that think you can take your child everywhere with you.

Since Isaac has been born, Joe has said countless times how he can't wait to take him to the symphony. Joe loves the symphony, so for Christmas I got him tickets. I had called and asked if there was an age minimum. They said, "NO!" Yea! We were excited. I thought they would too. We are helping to raise the next generation of symphony goers; you would think they would appreciate that, right? Wrong.

Well, the big day was this last weekend. We got many of stares and especially the look of, "You better keep him quiet, I don't want him disturbing my afternoon." The mister was more interested in it than we thought he would be but that didn't last too long. We were there for the first hour and then we headed home :)

Here is him listening. (Got to bust out the passy, just to make sure we dont' have any excited outbursts of joy)

Here is him beforehand in front of the musicians.

Joe decided that he wanted our little cowboy to have a horse that he could look after and be responsible for. There are a couple of quarter horses here (which are better and more tame for the novice rider than thoroughbreds.) One of the quarter horses is having a baby and that was going to be "Isaac's horse."
I have been telling our ranch foreman that I want to see a foal being born and I asked him to call me. The mares have horses in the middle of the night so they are not disturbed :) He called me one time at 3:30 and I didn't hear my cell phone ring- dang!
This last week we got a call at 7:40 p.m. to let us know that a little foal was about to be born. Then we realized it was Isaac's horse!! Only God could orchestrate such a wonderful little mid-week gift just for me :) It was fascinating to watch and they come out looking a lot more helpless than you think. Then, within two hours they look vibrant and are walking around the stall! The little muffin is a "premie" and so perfect for our little guy.


Jodi said...

how sweet!

The Bearded Lady said...

I LOVE it!! How fascinating!!!

Jen Sprayberry said...

Awww...that's so cool. We took the twins everywhere too. We never could stay long but we tried! Loved seeing you. You are such a blessing to me- more than you will ever know.

The Durham's said...

Fantastic!! Way to culture the little guy early....I am a big fan:) By the way, Monty is super proud, and a little jealous, that "I" already has a horse!! Love you!