Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We are in Lexington, KY- the horse capital of the world- for a horse auction, among other work things for Joe.

We are so thankful that we got to come along for the fun! And fun it has been and definitely adventurous.

First we drove (all 15 hours) with a 10 month old. First fun.

We are staying in a hotel room for 7 days with a 10 month old. Even more fun.

To top it all off, the little man and I have gone to the auction and bid on horses! Joe has been visiting large ranches in the area with very successful horses and if he couldn't be there to bid on a horse then little "I" and I came to the rescue...

My first time I was really nervous because they go so fast and the auctioneer goes so fast that you can't understand a single word he is saying. For those of you who were at the Gateway Women's Christmas party in 2007 know that must have been preparation for what God knew He had in store. He has such a sense of humor.

Anyways, stick with me because it gets funny.

They have "bid spotters" out in the crowd to spot people who want to bid and they notice you and help you go back and forth between bids. I had scoped out this little man who was clear with what he did and he was like a cute little old grandpa. I knew I wanted to stand in his section when it was my turn.

When it was getting close to my turn I looked up and my little man was not there! Oh NO! I spotted him in the hallway and I went up to him and said, "Sir, are you on break?" He replied with a "Here's YOUR SIGN" No he didn't. He just said, "yes." I said, "OH MAN!" And then waved good bye.

He came and tracked me down and asked me for my number and said, "I'll be there for you" and winks at me. SCORE.

Then as he's passing me just before my number comes up, he tries to coerce me to come up to the front but I have a 10 month old in tow and these people are hard core so I decided to stick to the back. He winks again.

You just have to picture me standing in the back of this room full of thoroughbred horse people with a baby on my hip trying to keep up. Sheer enertainment people.

The horse ended up going for $170k, which was way over my budget to bid. I didn't end up getting the horse but I did blow my auctioneer grandpa a kiss before we left. Yes I did.


The Durham's said...

Yes you did, my little horse whisperer, yes you did!

Sarah Wronko said...

Okay the cutest part is you!! I wish I could have been there! You are so precious my friend!

Taylor-Man said...

That is hilarious. We need to start seeing videos with these kind of stories for all your city folks....too funny!

Lauren Hafernick said...

You are so funny, Melissa! But I will say that when I read you “lost your little man,” I had a split second of thinking that Isaac had disappeared instead of your little “auction” man...whew! :)

Jen Sprayberry said...

Go P31 Mama. She considers a horse and buys it (or at least bids on one). She laughs at the days to come (and puts a big ol smile on her hubby's face, wink, wink).

The Bearded Lady said...

I'm missing you girl!! Where you at???