Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Testosterone Time!

(Above: from left to right. My boys. Kenny holding Conner. Kyle holding Cole. Conner and Cole belong to Kyle. Kenny's wife is due in January with a sweet little girl, Olivia Rose!) On a side note, baby legs totally crack me up. I just got caught up in a belly laugh inspecting these little boys legs. No calves, just chub chunks and then a foot! :)

This last weekend while the girls were having a shower for Olivia Rose, Joe hung out with his two best friends- they have been this way since elementary school! The guys got to talk, hang out and eat Mexican food, of course.

When I returned, my little man didn't give me two glances. He was so busy having a blast with the other boys that for the first time, he's rather play than eat.


Nicole said...

I love the picture of all the guys. Makes me want to do a John man grunt...uuuggrrmm uuggrrmm! I know you can hear it! :) It is just hard to spell1

The Bearded Lady said...

So CUTE!!! I look at my little man's legs and just crack up too!! There is NO ANKLE!!! LOVE YOU!!

The Durham's said...

Now that's what I call man time! Eat and tackle...hours of fun! Love you!!!!