Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm walking with Isaac in tow through the den today. I happen to glance down, to my HORROR there is a DEAD RAT ON THE RUG. I am shrieking and screaming! I am sure, absolutely sure that I have completely freaked out my sweet little man. I DO NOT do rats or mice. Just don't do them. Then, to have a dead one on my rug. UGHH!! My sweet Madi has officially turned into a ranch dog now that she brings dead animals into the house. She is about to become a barn dog if she continues this type of thing.

Absolutely disgusting!


the rodriguez crew said...

melissa! I'm so excited you found our blog, and now I have yours to check in on! Ok, the rat story made me laugh b/c we're battling rats right now, and I'll now probably dream of them getting inside the house. Yuck!

Your little family is precious as can be, and it was fun seeing you (still embarrassed for my rough appearance, and you looked PERFECT!).

Merry Christmas to you guys! :)

Jen Sprayberry said...

Oh my, I'm with you on the no rat or mice thing, especially in the house where precious babies live. Can't wait to hear Nicole's response :).

The Durham's said...

Are you serious??? This is my definition of horrific! I am so sorry, friend...but a true country girl would fry that sucker up and serve it with 'taters! LOVE YA!

Nicole said...

Barn dog sounds good to me! Fat juicy frogs and rats are definitely not on the menu for inside the home.
This made my stomach turn! Thank God you found the varmint first and not Isaac!! EEEWWW....the picture, Mel!! I might have nightmares!