Sunday, August 28, 2011

He is our firm foundation

When Joe and I were courting, I distinctly remembering reading this precious children's book to some dear little ones I love....

It spoke about the character of the two builders and ironically the wise builder's name was "Joe." When I turned the last page, there were tears in my eyes. The two little brown eyed children looked up at me puzzled as to why that book could possibly bring me to tears. I knew in my heart God was speaking to me about Joseph Daniel's character, about who he is as a man, and the gift of a husband he would be to me.

Building our house has been symbolic of so much of what God has done and is doing in our family. How he is building the foundation for one of the vehicles on which the "works He prepared in advanced for us to do" will be accomplished.

I have learned so much about the building process and it has been fascinating for the kids and I have the opportunity to watch it first hand. To prep everything for the foundation to be formed took a few weeks. First, the men set forms, then they dug the beams (prevent shifting), placed steel (prevent settling), and run the plumbing (so we can potty).

Before we poured, Joe and the kids searched the scriptures and inscribed them on stones that were placed in our foundation.

We daily surrender it all to Him. Its by His grace we are here and we desire to labor only by His might, for His purposes.

May this house be a house for Your glory.

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