Monday, May 25, 2009

30 plus 1

Not me folks, unfortunately, because goodness knows I love growing older. No it was my man who turned 31 yesterday! Babe, you make 31 look delicious!

Joe's parents came in and they bring the party when they come!

Here the guys turned the yard into a driving range.

Isaac with his "Mimi"

For those of you who have heard of my baking blunders, I have struck again. I was making Joe's favorite, chess cake. I read it online where someone had made it in a bundt pan and I thought that seemed more birthday-ish, but in order to do that with this recipe I had the bright idea of switching it around. Putting the icing on the bottom of the pan and then the cake part at the top. Oh for the love, here is a picture of the outcome...

Then we also played badminton- Terrys vs. Terrys. They totally whooped up on us. We had to fight the second game and staged the greatest badminton come back in record to even come out with a little dignity. Here's Joe with the victors after we got our sweat on!

Happy Birthday Babe!


Michawn said...

OH my gosh, melissa...that cake is hilarious!! i love that you can totally laugh at yourself...and share it with others. i was cracking up!! i'm sure that joe thinks it's so cute, your antics and blunders. fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mel...I love ya! I was doing my "silent" laugh, that was GOOD!

Please tell Joe the Baker family wishes him a very happy belated birthday! I love how we married guys exactly the same age...naturally.