Friday, October 21, 2011

a good laugh

We drove our sweet blessings to their incredible "Mimi and Pops" house before we took off for Africa! I held their little hands most of the 4.5 hr drive there. Gave them lots of kisses and trying my best to be strong. When it was time to say our final farewels I was trying my best to hold it all in and be strong for the kids. Then, my FIL "pops" got down on his knees, held our hands and prayed for us. What a gift that couldn't be measured with adjectives and eloquent phrases. Elyana looked at me with all the longing in her little heart as if to say, "I thought the world revolved around ME. Who am I going to snuggle with!?!"
Then to make matters worse, my sweet boy looked straight through me and cupped my face in his little three year old hands. He said, "mama, are you going to cry and cry?" "I'm going to try my best not to. Do you want me to?" He shook his head in dramatic fashion and said, "No mama, I dont'." He gave me a big hug and said, "I'm going to miss you so much."
I left and cried most of our way to Dallas. We didn't talk much. I think Joe knew I needed some time and he gave it to me with such grace. We arrived in Dallas late at night, slept for a few hours and got up too early to grab our first flight. The first leg of our flight was from DFW to Raleigh, NC. We have been here I have never been in an airport this long. ever. We have enjoyed our time . We have even had a little mini vision retreat right in the middle of the airport. We have laughed, dreamed, and been silly. We have walked this terminal tens of times, stretched, done calistenics, read, caught up on past emails, he's done some business, had those little chair massages, we ate some yummy CPK, and I'm doing my best to make him laugh. (Laugh count is at 4).
One of my wedding presents from Joe was that I had no idea he was hilarious until our honeymoon. I gained a few stomach muscles that week. My prayer is that God would give me wit that I never knew was possible and that this week Joe would find that I can be funny too. I take myself way too serious so if this is accomplished, then this will be nothing short of a little miracle. We are about to hop on an overnight plane to London and hope to update more soon! Much <3


The Durham's said...

Praying, sweet friend!! Sooo wish we could have connected before you left, but please know that I can't wait to hear about ALL the encounters He has planned for you both!! Love you!

Elizabeth said...

most definitely praying! have a blast!!!

Michawn said...

i love the part about your wedding present from joe. i felt the SAME way. i didn't realize just how funny joel is until after we were married. what a fun, surprising gift. love how God surprises us like that.

praying for your trip. kisses.

Michawn said...

hey chickadee...are you ever going to update us on this trip? ;) curious!!

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